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Mrs. NAV


Mrs. Nav, the Founder and Director of New Leaf Daycare, embodies a profound passion for early childhood education. Her dual roles as owner and director reflect her unwavering dedication to providing children with a nurturing and enriching environment. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a genuine commitment to fostering young minds, Nav is setting new standards for excellence in early education at New Leaf Daycare.

Miss Pawan

Supervisor and Toddler Team Lead

Miss. Pawan, our supervisor and Toddler Team Lead, brings her expertise to ensure a well-organized and enriching environment for our young learners. Her dedication to child development shines through her attentive guidance.

Miss Mica

Toddler Educator

Miss Mica's caring nature and patience create a safe and nurturing space for our toddlers to thrive. She loves fostering their curiosity through hands-on experiences.

Miss Arash

Preschool Lead

Miss Arash, our Preschool Lead, inspires young minds through creative activities and a love for exploration. Her passion for early education fosters a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Miss Jaspreet

Preschool Lead

Miss. Jaspreet, our Preschool Lead, sparks curiosity and imagination in her students. Her dynamic teaching style makes every day an adventure in learning.

Mrs. Ritu

Preschool Educator

Mrs. Ritu's enthusiasm for teaching shines as she helps our preschoolers discover the joy of learning. Her creative lessons make each day memorable.

Mrs. Manpreet

Toddler Educator

Mrs. Manpreet's gentle and loving approach makes her a favourite among our toddler group. She ensures each child feels safe and loved every day.

Mrs. Davinder

Infant Educator

Mrs. Davinder, our Infant Educator, provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for our youngest arrivals. Her dedication to their development is heartwarming.

Miss Harman

Infant Lead

 Miss Harman, our Infant Lead, is known for her loving care and expertise in infant development. She creates a cozy atmosphere where babies thrive.

Mrs. Akvinder

Food Incharge

Akvinder, our talented cook, ensures that our children receive nutritious meals daily. Her culinary skills add flavour to our daycare experience.